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Trump says he'd recognize police 'properly'


Donald Trump is telling New Hampshire police officers they won't need to be afraid of losing their jobs if he's elected president.

The Republican presidential candidate paid a visit to police headquarters in Manchester Thursday afternoon.

He tells several dozen officers, "You're not recognized properly. You will be recognized properly if I win."

He says they won't need to be as fearful of he wins.

"Remember that," he tells them. "You know what you're going through. You know you speak a little bit rough to somebody and all of a sudden you end up fighting for your job. Not going to happen anymore."

He was introduced by Police Chief Nick Willard, who says that he's concerned about the "national narrative" on law enforcement.

Trump also left his mark on the building. As he was walking into the headquarters building, he scrawled his name in marker on an exterior brick wall.

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