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Teacher of the Week: Mr. Jeremy Toledo of Rockford Catholic schools


Rockford students are reaching new levels in music thanks to one teacher.

"Music just inspires," Catholic School Music Teacher Jeremy Toledo said. "We feel it emotionally.  We experience it every time."

He is Jermey Toledo, WREX's Teacher of the Week.   

"He is always an inspiration to me," St. James 8th Grader Alyssa Waldsmith said.  "He taught me how to go outside of my comfort zone and to do things I never thought i would do."

Waldsmith nominated Toledo.  She said he has helped her become comfortable with singing. She's even performed at several school events.

Mr. Toledo has taught for 9 years and is now the music teacher at St. James, St. Rita, and St. Edwards. 

"We have students who are very soft spoken, students that are not comfortable in big groups, but they'll go up and they give their audience their emotion and their interpretation," Toledo said.

St. James Principal Julie Olson said students are learning how to sing, how to read music, and play instruments.

"They learn how to take the music and make it part of their life," Olson said.  "If its playing the flute at mass, if its playing the violin, if its playing the drums."

She said Toledo is different from any other music teacher she has seen. 

"Some music teachers just kind of have the kids sing and do things like that," Olson said.  "He actually takes the music a part."

Waldsmith said she is amazed at how he teaches at three schools. 

"He has three kids, a beautiful wife, and manages to have more than I think two bands, one of which i am in, which is Missalette," Olson said.

Missalette is a Christian rock group led by Mr. Toledo.

"Some of our students and former students were actually on a recorded CD of music that won a rammy award," St. Edwards School Cori Gendron said. 

Toledo said hanging out with kids all day and playing music is the best job ever.

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