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Sanders: 'We will raise taxes' but people will save money


With just a week to go before the critical Iowa Caucus, Bernie Sanders admitted clearly that his plan for single-payer health care would raise taxes, according to NBC News. 

Sanders acknowledged the tax-raise idea to Chris Cuomo of CNN at a Democratic forum at Drake University. Sanders explained that issues with taxes misses the point of his plan, as the plan would reduce health insurance premiums by more than the taxes would be raised.

Sanders was calm and casual during the interview, even making jokes with Cuomo. Sanders even stood while responding to concerns about his experience to do the "whole job" of being president.

"This calls for a standing up response," he said, then defended his judgment and experience.

Sanders continued in his typical blunt style by saying that though Clinton or Martin O'Malley are good candidates, the country needs more from the president.

"It just seems to me that the problems we have are so serious that we have got to go beyond establishment politics and establishment economics," Sanders said.

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