Clinton calls endorsing paper's criticism 'fair' - – Rockford’s News Leader

Clinton calls endorsing paper's criticism 'fair'


Hillary Clinton says a newspaper's criticism of the way she has handled the inquiries into her use of a private email server is "fair."

Clinton addressed the comment from The Des Moines Register during a CNN town hall Monday night. The newspaper's endorsement of Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination noted that when endorsing Clinton in 2008, "we wrote that `when she makes a mistake, she should just say so.' That appears to be a lesson she has yet to fully embrace."

Clinton apologized in the fall for her use of a private email account as secretary of state. She has said she didn't send or receive information that was classified at the time via her personal email account.

At the town hall, Clinton said she probably should have tried to figure out the situation more quickly. But she said she was "not willing to say it's an error of judgment because nothing that I did was wrong."

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