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Cruz: Criticism, not personal attacks, for Trump


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says Iowa voters do not want to see him trading insults with billionaire Donald Trump.

Cruz reiterated his position Monday during a campaign stop at a pizza restaurant in Manchester, Iowa, that he will criticize Trump's positions on the issues, but he won't engage in personal attacks. Until recent weeks, Trump and Cruz had avoided any direct confrontation in the Republican race.

But now they are running close in Iowa with the Feb. 1 caucuses just a week away.

Trump has gone after Cruz on a variety of issues, including questioning whether he's eligible for the ballot given his birth in Canada and calling him a "nasty" person who is not liked by anyone.

But Cruz says he will "continue to sing Donald's praises personally." Cruz says Trump has energized a lot of people to be focused on the election and "that's a wonderful thing."

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