Candidates seek final Iowa edge in unpredictable race - – Rockford’s News Leader

Candidates seek final Iowa edge in unpredictable race


One week to go, the 2016 presidential candidates are opening their final push in Iowa. They're seeking any edge over their opponents in a race brimming with unpredictability for both Democrats and Republicans.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders plan to deliver closing pitches in a televised forum Monday night. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama offered his assessment of their differences. He praised Sanders for energizing liberals while saying that Clinton's perceived dominance had been both an advantage and a burden.

Republicans are working to ensure their supporters make it to the caucuses that mark the start to the presidential primary voting.

With insurgent candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz fighting for a GOP victory, the remaining contenders are hoping a better-than-expected performance can provide a momentum boost heading into New Hampshire.

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