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Fact checking the NBC Democratic debate

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Sunday night's Democratic debate hosted by NBC News was a sparring match between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and both made some strong claims over health care and guns. NBC's election partner PolitiFact reviewed some of these claims for accuracy.

Claim 1: Clinton on health care costs

During the debate, Hillary Clinton said "We now have driven costs down to the lowest they have been in 50 years." However, PolitiFact says Clinton's claim is false, but that rate of price hikes for health care has been the lowest in 50 years.

Claim 2: Sanders' involved in writing the Affordable Care Act

Bernie Sanders claimed he would not "... tear up the Afordable Care Act. I helped write it." PolitiFact rates this as mostly false, but notes Sanders did play a role securing $11 billion for community health centers through the act.

Claim 3: Liability for gun manufacturers

Clinton claimed Sanders has been flip-flopping on the issue of gun manufacturer liability, sometimes supporting pro-gun legislation and sometimes supporting gun control initiatives. PolitiFact rates Clinton's statements true.

Claim 4: Sanders' legislation support on guns led to "Charleston Loophole"

Clinton claimed Sanders' support of a bill that limited the amount of time for background checks to three days led to the murder of nine black churchgoers in Charleston. PolitiFact says this claim is mostly true, as the bill allowed Charleston Church shooter Dylann Roof to purchase a firearm before a background check could be completed on him.

Extra: Chart contrasting Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

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