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Trump atypically makes a typical Iowa campaign stop

WAUKEE, Iowa (AP) -

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has finally visited that hallowed mainstay of Iowa retail politics: A local Pizza Ranch.

The billionaire businessman stopped by the Waukee location of the fried chicken and pizza joint Friday afternoon following a town hall event.

But Trump, whose campaign has broken every rule of the traditional campaign playbook, didn't do the usual glad-handing or try a slice.

Instead, he delivered a pep talk to campaign volunteers at the closed-to-the public location and announced an endorsement from Pizza Ranch President and co-founder Adrie Groeneweg.

Trump has taken an atypical approach to campaigning, trading the usual meet-and-greets at local diners for massive campaign rallies drawing thousands.

He said at the town hall that he nonetheless expects to win in Iowa and even top expectations.

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