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Medical Examiner receives scientific proof Kyrian Knox's remains were in lagoon


The Cook County Medical Examiner has confirmed that the toddler remains found in the Chicago Lagoon in September are those of Kyrian Knox.

That's the first time the Medical Examiner's Office has confirmed the information.  Up until this point, the media was told by Chicago Police that the FBI laboratory confirmed it to them.

The Medical Examiner received finalized reports Wednesday from the FBI laboratory "scientifically linking the recovered body parts to those of the missing toddler."

the last time authorities provided an update to the case, Chicago Police said they were requesting the cooperation of two key witnesses in Kyrian's disappearance and death. 

They said Kyrian was in Kamel Harris and Danyelle Foggs' care before his disappearance and death.  Harris reported Kyrian missing to Rockford Police on September 17.  The toddler's body was found two weeks earlier in the lagoon.

Earlier this month, the Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death in the case as "homicide by unspecified means."

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