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ONLY ON 13: What do you do if an active shooter threatens your workplace?


Don't wait to be a victim.   Rockford Police say that having a plan can be the difference in an active shooter situation at your work.

13 News got an inside look at ways police say you can protect yourself in active shooter situations.

It was a typical work day, when it is time to close all you are thinking about is getting home. Suddenly, the unthinkable happens and your workplace is being threatened by an active shooter. 

Split second reactions can decide whether you ever make it home. 

Ed King and Chris Aldrich are both Training Investigators with the Rockford Police Department. They work with businesses to make a unique plan of action to help prevent active shooter situations.

13 News Reporter Tori Clark met with them at the Public Safety Building in downtown Rockford to learn some safety procedures that apply to all active shooter situations.  

King says, "It's a race for your life so your first step should be to try to get out of there."

With the recent attacks in San Bernardino the topic of workplace safety has taken center stage. Rockford Police tells people to stay vigilant. 

Douglas Pann, Rockford Police Department Assistant Deputy Chief, states, "The best advice is to just do something to not wait to be a victim. This could be running away, could be fighting or could be hiding it just depends on the situation."

The training investigators took 13 News through a scenario where the active shooter blocked the only exit. 

Since there was no leaving the building, the only option would be to barricade yourself in a secure room. Depending on how the door closes, police say to use whatever is there to save yourself some time.

Aldrich says once you barricade yourself in a room with no exit you have to find something to protect yourself with like a chair. 

Aldrich explains, "Engage the threat and try to subdue the threat with numbers or weapons or whatever you can."

"They want a body count they don't want a fight." King adds, "So as a last resort when it comes time to fight you have to fight like your life depends on it. It's not an easy place to go mentally but it's something that you have to do to increase your chance of survival." 

This is only meant to be a last ditch effort but police do not want people to be passive in these situations. 

Pann says, "Action always beats reaction. If you take action you have the advantage on the person who is the threat."

Officers say taking action now by making a plan for active shooters can be the difference in your safety. 

If you or your company is interested in receiving Rockford Police Active Shooter Training you can contact the Rockford Police Department. Their contact information is shown here. 

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