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Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Preparations


Stores were busy preparing for one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year and while most would expect it was for Black Friday, one local store owner said she was actually more excited about Saturday. 

"We love Black Friday, but we love Stroll on State and we love small business Saturday more,"  co-owner of Rockford Art Deli Brittany Lingren said.

Lingren, said Black Friday is usually for the box stores, but her store does not fit that category.

"In past experiences Black Friday hasn't been a busy day for us," Lingren said.

It's why she offered specials on Small Business Saturday, a day aimed to boost business for local stores around the country.
Other local business owners said the entire weekend is key for their business.

"Its very important for stores to be open and capture that business especially for small businesses,"  Casual Gourmet owner, Charles Ducharme said.  "If we are opened people will stop and shop."

Co-owner of candle crest soy candles, Dave Bieck agreed.

"the money that you spend in a local business, more of that goes back to the local community than going to your big box stores." Bieck said.

However, the owner of Chocolat by Daniel has a different take about Stroll on State .

"Every year its a controlled, barely controlled, disaster and its nothing I want to be a part of so i closed for that," Daniel Nelson, owner of Chocolat by Daniel said.  "So in an attempt to make up for that lost revenue I'll be open on Friday." 

Store owners each had a different approach for this weekend but were all hoping customers would remember them as they made their shopping plans.

Small business Saturday started in 2010 and is actually a national day of shopping.

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