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Dance Team prepares to perform at a pro sports event


17-year-old Shauriah Bogan always loved to dance.  It's how she expresses herself.

"Dance to me is like a big relief to get my feelings out and reach out to others," Bogan said.

At the age of 8 she stepped up her game and joined Rockford's dance team, Fatally Unique.

"We performed at events in Rockford Illinois and we did BET 106 & Park Blaze the Stage in New York city, and we were were doing a lot of dance competitions," Bogan said.

One of the competitions was America's Got Talent.  They made it to the semi finals in Hollywood in 2011.  After their moment of fame some members went off to college but Shauriah was still in high school so she helped form a new group called the 815 dance team.

 "This was an opportunity a lot of young youth don't get from our Rockford area and she decided to take her experience and she wants other kids to understand there is a life besides fighting, shooting, killing and having babies," Shauriah's mother, Selena Williams said.

The group's goal is to perform for a Bulls game if they can raise enough money.  

"They have to sell so many tickets to get to perform so the sports groups use it to sell groups of tickets," volunteer Tracy Nicewanner said.  She said girls are benefiting because they get to perform in front of thousands of people at a huge stadium they just dream about."

Tracy Nicewarner volunteers to help groups like the 815 dance group get to perform on bigger stages.

It's an opportunity Shauriah and her team are hoping they can also take part in.

If you would like to support the 815 dance group contact Tracy at or 815-474-2500

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