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Winnebago county board members vote for a new snow plow company


Winnebago county is already getting ready for the next snow storm.  The county is trying to save money in its snow cleanup efforts.

"Our goal has been to not raise taxes on the public, but to try to find savings within our existing budget," Winnebago County Board Member John Sweeney said.

County board members want to help fund Sheriff Caruana's budget, but in order to do that they need to make some changes.

"We decided to cancel our current provider and went out to bid to get new service for those services and we picked lCU properties to do our snow plowing," Sweeney said.

The board voted Tuesday to switch snow plow companies to try and save money.  They chose lCU properties because Sweeney said the Machesney Park company was one of the lower bidders.

"We opted to terminate our relationship with ADV after reviewing some of the invoices and just determining we could get a better deal," Sweeney said.

They hope to use the savings to help fund the sheriff's request for more money.

"I'm trying to build a department with the tact units, and the patrol division, and the corrections people, which is very down on staffing," Sheriff Gary Caruana said.  "I think we should try to find the best vendor that is going to give us the best cost and give us the most service we can."

The sheriff also wants to save money by having some inmates help with snow maintenance.  It's one of many changes the sheriff hopes to make so he can get the money he said his department needs.

lCU properties will take over as the county's snow plow operator starting immediately.

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