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Move to give City Council police chief hiring power halted in committee

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Rockford City Council will not hire the city's new police chief.  That's according to aldermen in Code & Regulation Committee.  A resolution in front of them Monday night that would've allowed that won't see the council floor anytime soon.

The committee tabled a resolution giving City Council and the mayor the power to hire and fire police and fire chiefs.  According to aldermen, it can't be brought up again until the new, permanent police chief is selected.  That motion to lay over was passed unanimously by the committee.  So, now everything will stay the same: fire & police commissioners will hire the next police chief.  After that, the resolution can be considered once again to possibly give City Council that responsibility.  But, Alderman Frank Beach says he doesn't want to see the process ever change.

"They'd have to convince me that that's the best thing to do.  I'm not convinced of that," Beach says.

13 News spoke with Alderman Venita Hervey, who introduced this resolution last week, she didn't want to go on camera.  When asked if she was disappointed in the measure being laid over, she said "I'm not disappointed, it's just typical."

Board of Commissioners Secretary Ian Linnabary was also at Monday night's meeting.  He says the board has no opinion on this matter, but that the layover does alleviate uncertainty of who is going to appoint the next police chief.  

There is a separate issue to replace some of the commissioners.  The mayor is interested in replacing two out of the three.  The board says it's uncertain if that will happen before the new police chief is hired.

A controversial move by a Rockford City Council member to levy the power of hiring the next police chief to aldermen and the mayor is over for now.

13 News Reporter Kelsie Passolt reported the proposal to give City Council the power to hire and fire police and fire chiefs tabled in committee "until a permanent police chief is selected."

Ald. Venita Hervey introduced the resolution last week.

She said she wasn't expecting a vote on it Monday night in committee.

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