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WREX presents: The Bully Test


When a child is bullied, it can cause serious pain, even if the bullying isn't physical. Things like name calling and teasing can have serious effects on a child. And unfortunately, according to dosomething.org, 90% of 4th through 8th graders are bullied in the U.S.

13 WREX invited a group of bullied students and their parents to share their experiences with us. The children opened up about other students who taunt them, tease them and emotionally abuse them. The parents, meanwhile, shared their feelings of helplessness to do anything. 

But the students and the parents are not alone in the battle. Something they quickly found out with 13 WREX's "Bully Test". 

Watch 'The Bully Test' Oct. 29, only on 13 WREX.

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