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Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Sloan of CICS Jackson School

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A local teacher says she's on cloud nine after a whirlwind of a week. Cynthea Sloan of CICS Jackson does have a lot to celebrate. She recently got married, and a certain special someone gave her a big nomination. 

It's a normal day of reading and math in this 2nd grade class, but it's different for some of them. The kids are used to calling her Miss Regione, but now it's Mrs. Sloan.

"I just, it's been a long week, because I just got married over the weekend," Sloan says.

That's just one more reason to make this week a little more special for her. She wasn't nominated by one of her students or a fellow teacher but by Mr. Sloan who also works at the school.

"It doesn't have to just stay at work, so if I want to implement something new then we can go home, and over dinner we're planning things out and our kitchen table ends up turning into a big work space, so it's kind of nice," she says. "I like it."

In his nomination form, Mr. Sloan said what makes her special is that she allows her students to become 21st century learners.

"How do you supposed you do that?" she was asked.

"Okay, so, we have a one-to-one ratio of iPads in the classroom, so all of the students have their own iPad, it's assigned to them, and they have apps that they are working on for both reading and math that are geared towards their exact level," Mrs. Sloan says.

But most importantly, Mr. Sloan says, she is a true inspiration.

"He's always been there to push me when I feel like I've hit a wall or I don't know how to take it any further or help these students make the growth that they need to make, and so he's always been that inspiration for me, so to hear him say that about me, it means a lot," she says through tears.

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