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RFD, Elite Airways to discontinue service to Newark


Rockford International Airport and Elite Airways have decided to discontinue air service between Rockford (RFD) and Newark, NJ (EWR), according to Elite Airways.

Executive Director for RFD, Mike Dunn, says that the decision was made after "several days" of consultation with Elite Airways. 

"We have been notified by Elite, that tickets between Rockford and Newark are not selling at the level necessary to sustain the service. RFD completely understands and supports this decision," Dunn said.

Elite Airways President John Pearsall confirmed the last round trip flight between RFD and EWR will be on October 19th. He went on to tell us that they response for flights from Rockford were "unbelievably low."

WREX first received word of the cancellation in an email from a viewer. The email shows a cancellation notice from Elite Airways of a flight from RFD to Newark in late November.  In that email, the traveler was told, "I regret to inform you that the partnership between Rockford International Airport and the leadership of Elite Airways has decided to discontinue this service effective October 22, 2015. However, the partnership will announce new service from Rockford International Airport later in the year."

Pearsall confirmed that the airline and RFD would be announcing a new service later this year, but did not go into detail.

This move comes less than three months after announcing the new route. The other new destination, Fort Collins, CO, will stay in service at this time.

"We have been told by Elite that they are very pleased with the success of the Rockford to Fort Collins, Colorado route," Dunn said.

Pearsall says the interest for these flights has been very good. 

Back in June, RFD Executive Director Mike Dunn said the airport selected Newark because of its accessibility to downtown Manhattan. However, Dunn also added that, "you better use it or lose it," when talking about the service to Newark and Fort Collins.

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