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Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Laue of Pecatonica Elementary

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Bringing experiences with her family to the classroom; it's one of many things our Teacher of the Week does to get her kindergarteners comfortable. 

Learning the ABC's is hard work for these kindergarteners, but for their teacher, it's not work at all, it's a passion.

Amber Laue teaches at Pecatonica Elementary School, and she keeps her kids on their toes.

"No kid should be bored in Kindergarten especially," she says smiling.

Besides the ones at work, she has two kids of her own, a first grader and a three year old whom she gets much inspiration from.

"I use her and some of her behaviors to remind them that they're five now, and they can't exactly act that way," Laue says.

Because of that, they seem to be a little confused about who Mr. Laue is.

"They think I'm his boss, and that I tell him what to do at home too, so I loved when they asked me if I read him bedtime stories," she says laughing.

Overall, she says, she relies on them to be her support group and thanks them for allowing her to be teacher that she is.

"He understands what teaching is all about and backs me up and listens to me when I'm upset about something that happened or when I'm really worried about a kid, he's just always there," she says about her husband.

She's excited about the award, but to her, her job is its own A+.

"This is just the icing on the cake," she says.  

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