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Recovery Rally on the rock celebrates overcoming addiction


Rockford's 7th annual Recovery Rally on the Rock was held September 26, at the Madison Street Trolley Station in downtown Rockford.

This event celebrates recovery from alcohol and drug addiction while raising awareness of local resources to prevent and treat substance use and mental health conditions.

Co-sponsored by TASC, Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities, the Recovery Rally on the Rock is part of National Recovery Month. 

This was a free family event which included music, food and inspiring words from local community members.

One community member who shared her story was Ann Roberts. She was at the Recovery Rally because she lost her son to addiction four years ago and was able to overcome alcoholism herself. 

Ann Roberts' son, Austin Roberts, lived with bipolar disorder and other personality disorders. After his death, Ann and her husband Mike Roberts put together Austin's Journey.

"He wanted to be a counselor, write a book. And he died too soon," Ann states, "he got out of rehab, and I know it wasn't intentional, it was an accidental overdose, but this represents what he would've done had he continued to live."

Austin's Journey is a mobile resource center which has multi-media capabilities that helps bring awareness to addiction and any cause that would like to use the stage and sound system. 

For more information on Austin's Journey click here. 

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