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Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Merrill of Oregon Elementary

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Today we bring you our Teacher of Week from Oregon who says more often than not, she's the one learning. 
It's a happy day in Dawn Merrills 1st grade class at Oregon Elementary School, but the kids say it's always like that.
"Mostly of the time, she brings us two snacks," Isaiah Hultquist, a 1st grader, says.
Who wouldn't love double the snacks? They say their teacher is the one making it fun.
"I tthink it's important to keep the kids excited and looking forward to school," Mrs. Merrill says. "We do do brain breaks just because sitting in their desks all day, doing reading, writing. It's great to change things up, and it just helps them refocus, get rid of a little bit of energy. Keeping them motivated, part of that I hink is making it fun."
She was nominated for Teacher of the Week by a student named Emma, who has a special place in her heart.
"She does," Mrs. Merrill says.
Emma has dealt with many hurdles this year. Mrs. Merrill says the tables have turned, and now Emma has been teaching her new lessons.
"She's having some health issues and just the sweetest little girl," Mrs. Merrill says. "Loves school, loves her friends, she always has a smile on her face no matter what's going on in her life, so it's been an amazing opportunity for us to see her just go through this and still have such a great positive attitude towards everything."
Teaching everyone in her class to keep their spirits up, no matter what they have to face.
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