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RVC faculty union votes to end strike after approving new contract language

Rock Valley College professors will be back on the job Tuesday morning.

A union spokesman said during a meeting Monday night, the faculty voted to approve the contract language they felt was most in line with the mediator's proposal.
“We are ready to get back to our classrooms and return to the work we love,” said Michael Youngblood, president of the Rock Valley College Faculty Association. “Right now we need to move forward to provide another great school year at Rock Valley College for our students. We are ecstatic about the exciting developments at Rock Valley College like our aviation and nursing programs; and the new partnership with Northern Illinois University.”
 Specifics of the contract language will be available after the Board of Trustees votes to approve the contract language.

Faculty voted to postpone the strike until the Board of Trustees meets Tuesday night to approve the language as well.

A statement from the RVC Board of Trustees and administration reads:

"The College has been advised of the favorable vote of the Faculty union on the Federal Mediator's suggested agreement to resolve the contract negotiations and to reopen classes tomorrow morning. Based on this action, we understand that the Faculty union will end its strike and return to work Tuesday morning so that all classes may resume as scheduled."

"The Board will take up the approval of the agreement based on the Mediator's suggested agreement at its regular meeting on Tuesday night."

"We know everyone is pleased to be moving forward with the semester and, most importantly, we are all looking forward to having our students return to the classroom."

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