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Rock Valley College continues strike after vote


Classes are canceled again at Rock Valley College as a strike continues.  Faculty voted on their next move Sunday night.

Rock Valley College faculty went on strike Wednesday after professors and administrators could not reach an agreement over faculty's salary and healthcare benefits.

This weekend the faculty union met to vote on its next step, whether to return to class and proceed with further negotiations or continue the strike until an agreement is met.  They decided to continue the strike because of one sticking point in particular-- healthcare.

"As a mother of four kids, as much as I love teaching and love being in the classroom, I have to also be able to provide for them and if my health care go up to a point where it brings my salary negative, that is really going to significantly impact my ability to care for my kids," said RVC Assistant Professor Jessica Oladapo. 

Faculty Union President Michael Youngblood said both sides have been negotiating since the impasse.  He said they would talk and vote on a final deal put together by a federal mediator.

"This is what's called a susposal and it represents some ideas from both sides, both from the board side and from the faculty side," said Youngblood.

The deal wasn't enough to  break the strike.  Faculty hopes they can reach an agreement so they can end the strike and return to classes as soon as possible.

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