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Meet the new owners of The Pumpkin Patch

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A long time fall tradition is changing hands. The family who has run The Pumpkin Patch in Caledonia for decades decided to call it quits. A new family is picking up where they left off.

It's been a family favorite for years, but this season The Pumpkin Patch is under new ownership.

Before the previous owners sold, they told 13 News they wanted someone who's focused on families, and that's exactly what they got.

"This place is obviously a family-oriented place, and it's part of the community, and it's been here for 32 years," Co-owner Michelle Becker says. "It's people's traditions, it's local tradition, people come further away to come here. Fall's a great time of year, and just everyone enjoys it."

They do too. They've been involved with The Pumpkin Patch for more than a decade, so they're excited to be running the show.

And we know what you're thinking, what's going to change? Are there still going to be donuts and cookies?

"We're going to keep a lot of the food the same, maybe add some new food to it," Becker says. "The signs will be here. I know a lot of people take pictures in front of the signs every year. He's the one that started the place. Those won't be going anywhere. The activities are still going to be here, we just might spruce them up a little bit."

You definitely should be expecting some new activities also. Trunk or treat, ghost stories and a witches ball to name a few. 

Also, there will not be an entrance fee, all because of the visitors.

"We had a lot of people talking about the admission fee and how it never used to be there and how they would like to have it gone," Ryan Lindberg, co-owner and Becker's brother says.

"We like to have the people happy," Amber Lindberg, Ryan's wife, says.

"Yeah, we want our customers to come back," Ryan says.

And they feel that because they have little ones they will definitely have new ideas to get you back this year.

"What's your favorite part about the pumpkin patch?" Amber asks the kids."

"The horsies."

"When I say the donkey's name, he just comes over to me."

"The pumpkin patch is fun."

"I like my whole family."

From their family to yours....

"We hope to see you in the fall!" they say together.

The Pumpkin Patch will be renamed Lindberg Pumpkin Patch and will open for the season September 10th

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