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Final environmental report filed for license renewals of Byron Station Nuclear Power Plant


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or NRC has published its final report over the environmental impacts of renewing the operating licenses of the Byron Station nuclear power plant. The report states that the plant's impact on the environment isn't great enough to halt the renewal of the licenses.

Byron Station has two pressurized water reactors in Byron 17 miles southwest of Rockford. The NRC held public meetings in Byron to receive public comment on rules and renewal guidance.

The operator of the Byron Station, Exelon Generation Co. LLC, submitted a renewal application May 29, 2013. The application would extend the plant's licenses for 20 more years past their original expiration dates, Oct. 31, 2024, and Nov. 6, 2026.

The application included alternatives to the Byron Station, including a new plant, natural gas plants or a combination of wind, solar, and natural gas generators. Another option submitted was no renewal of the license.

If a hearing is granted, the renewal application will be evaluated by the commission. You can view the application by clicking here.

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