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TODAY'S TALK: Ariana Grande won't receive charges


Look's like Ariana Grande won't face charges for her doughnut-licking incident.
That's according to People Magazine.

The pop singer was caught on security footage appearing to lick a tray of unattended doughnuts and saying "I hate America" at a California donut shop.

People magazine, citing a deputy sheriff, reports the bakery's owner declined to press criminal charges.

13 News Today asked viewers if they thought should have been charged or if the whole situation blown out of proportion? Here are their responses:

Pam Paulson DiBenedetto I think it was a rude prank and she is discusting, but charged? not sure on that.

Dawn Tryggestad Marelli Yes she should have been charged. If the average person did that they would have been charged. This is why famous people think they can do what they want. they are not held accountable for their actions.

Dutch Hinck Of course the Wolfe Donut Shop won't press charges. Look at all the FREE national attention they got from having this spoiled brat stop in for a taste test.

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