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RPS 205 Board approves changes to elementary school zones


The Rockford School Board has approved new elementary school zones.

The first three years of the plan were OKed by board members in a 6-1 vote Tuesday night.  The board still wants to discuss the final two years.

According to a news release from RPS 205, "The first three years of the five-year implementation plan are not affected by potential new school construction.  If new schools are not built and instead, additions are built onto existing schools, zones might shift for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years."

The plan whittles down the 26 existing elementary school zones into 21.  Students will move to the school in their new attendance zone according to the five-year transition timeline. 

New kindergarten and elementary students who move into the district will be assigned to the new zoned school.

Full timelines of the changes for family's affected by the changes will be available at registration in the fall.

The news release stated, "At that time, parents will learn which zone they live in and what changes to expect in the coming years, including elementary school upgrades.   Zones for the middle and high schools will remain the same. The final two years of the implementation plan will be considered within the next six months."

District administrators said they will try to keep families together, where possible. 

"If a kindergarten student has an older sibling who attends school outside the new neighborhood zone school, the parent may request to transfer the older student to the new attendance zone school, based on seat availability," stated the release.

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