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Eiger Lab hands out entrepreneur award


Eiger Lab recently held its Fast Pitch event for small businesses and now it's honoring an entrepreneur with a brand new award.  

The Dale Falconer Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award is given out to a person who best embodies his qualities and passion for business. 

"Dale Falconer was a very important supporter in our community of entrepreneurship and of start up businesses," says Eiger Lab Executive Director Dan Cataldi.  "He was an investor, a mentor, and coach in many of those businesses and a supporter of Fast Pitch."

This year the award was given to Nicole Sdao of Oregon.

"First emotion that hit me was true blessing and honor and awe," says Sdao. "Tears of course came because as an entrepreneur, especially when you're starting off with a brand new idea, it's a great way to say OK, the tears that I've shed on my own wondering if its worth it that gets validated."

Sdao won the award for her website that connects non-profits with valuable information so that they can achieve their own goals. 

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