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Property owners get a first look at Woodhaven Lakes' tornado damage


Mary Jo Rozumalski has owned a home at Woodhaven Lakes for four decades. She was there Monday night when a tornado swept through the campground community.

"It was just unbelievable what we were seeing," says Rozumalski. "You know when you see the aftermath of a tornado or a disaster and you see people walking around with a dazed look, that was me."

Rozumalski's property was in one of the hardest hit areas by Monday's storms. She's dealing with roof damage and lost more trees than she can count.

"Now these are old friends, old friends that I have watered, feed and loved for forty years," says Rozumalski. "Many of them are gone, however I still have a few trees left and there are some properties who have none."

Woodhaven Lakes is split up into sections. Mary Jo lives in section 25 and that section remains closed along with sections 22 and 23. The areas are restricted but a shuttle has been taking those property owners to their homes to check out some of the damage.

"As of ten o'clock we know that we processed over a thousand cars through the gate and they still are lined up out there," says Randy Koehler Woodhaven Lakes Marketing Communications Director.

Koehler says it's going to take some time before things will get back to normal.

"The biggest thing right now is that we are not business as usual. It's going to be a long cleanup effort," says Koehler.

Rozumalski plans to stick around Woodhaven Lakes and continue to stay, at the place she loves.

"We will rebuild I can't walk away from this. I love this too much it is worth saving, it is worth rebuilding," says Rozumalski.

If you would like to assist in the volunteer efforts you can call the Woodhaven Lakes association office at (815) 849-5209.

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