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Burpee Museum celebrates 10 years with Jane

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Saturday, June 27, the Burpee Museum invited guests to come celebrate their juvenile T. Rex's 10th year above ground. Jane debuted a decade ago this week and has been the centerpiece of her very own captivating exhibit, Jane: Diary of a Dinosaur.

Guest were able to come discover what happened during the 66 million years she lay buried and view Jane's fully restored 21-foot skeleton. 

Throughout the day, "The Mystery Dinosaur," a Discovery Channel documentary on Jane, was playing hourly. This hour long documentary details the discovery, excavation, preparation, exhibition & research of Jane,

Two famous paleontologists also came to celebrate Jane, Dr. Thomas Carr and Dr. Thomas Holtz.

Jane is one of the most important North American tyrannosaur specimens found in the last 20 years. Dr. Thomas Carr is publishing a book on Jane which will be the Jane monograph and serve as a valuable resource to scientists, students, and the public alike.

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