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Heavy rainfall creating problems for area farmers

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Continuous amounts of rainfall are becoming a growing problem for area farmers.

Standing water pools together around Larry Larson's crops. The Pecatonica farmer says this isn't the worst season he's seen, but this month's record-breaking rainfall will still impact his corn and hay.

"I would anticipate some of these areas that you can somewhat see [points to corn fields] that are stunned by the water they'll be a nearly 25% loss in those areas," says Larson.

Looking at the big picture Larson says he can replant a lot of what he's losing this season and still be on track for an excellent harvest come fall. But in the meantime, he and other farmers can't work in flooded parts of their fields.

"It's been kind of a pain in the neck trying to get the work done that needs to be done," says Larson. "We've had trouble making hay and applying herbicides."

"In my case we can't get out in the field and you know harvest the alfalfa that we use as feed for our cows," says Brent Pollard a Rockford dairy farmer.

Pollard says heavy rains mean less food for his cattle. His alfalfa crops bloomed early and he uses those crops to feed his cows.

"When they get like this it's time really for the plant to start dying off. It's not good when stuff flowers, but that's the way it is," says Pollard.

For Larson waiting for water to come down will take longer than usual. Pecatonica usually only gets 4-and-a-half inches of rain a month. June isn't over and that area has already gotten 5.71 inches.

Larson predicts July to be a lot drier to help even out the extra rain. Until then farmers are trying to adjust.

"We have to adapt and do the best we can with what we are given," says Larson.

"You play with the hand you are dealt if you are playing a hand of cards here and it's not as nice as you would like it to be but not four aces this year," adds Pollard.

According to Underground Weather, Rockford is sitting even with this month's rainfall average.

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