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Rockford children voice frustrations through art

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Young community members are using their artistic skills to voice their opinions.

Children from the Ellis Heights and Midtown District participated in a Day of Action event today.  It's an event that is held annually by the United Way.  Participants were encourage to paint, draw, and write the things they would like to change in their community.  Organizers say many children share the same frustrations. 

"What we see is that some kids want a community free of police brutality," says United Way Community Impact Manager Ashley Burks.  "Some people want a community free of violence, of alcohol.  One free of drugs.  And really, what we're seeing is a lot of children want a community that is united and for people to get along with one another."

At the end of the workshop students will decorate a door with their illustrations.  It will be featured at the Rockford Art Museum as part of the "Doors of Opportunity" exhibit. 

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