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Rockford bar owner reacts to new happy hour bill


Happy hour could be back on the menu at bars across the state of Illinois.

"I've owned a bar for 14 years," said Chris Wachowiak Kryptonite Bar Owner. "I've been in this industry for almost twenty years and we never had happy hour in my experience here in Illinois."

Wachowiak says happy hour would allow bar owners the opportunity to carve out the weak periods of business.

"Especially for a downtown business like us where we are located next to so many offices," said Wachowiak. "People might stop here now on their way home for one [drink] as opposed to going straight home and having one."

Illinois banned happy hour drink specials in 1989. Bar owners can still have drink deals, but they must run all day.

The new bill would allow for drink specials up to four hours a day and 15 hours a week as long as they are advertised a week in advance. A move Wachowiak says would make him and his customers plenty happy.

"For someone like us, we have all these great craft beers and high end spirits and cocktails it will allow us to offer our guests a discounted rate to try something new that they might not have tried," said Wachowiak.

The bill only needs Governor Rauner's signature to go into effect.

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