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Rockford principal sumo wrestles teachers to reward students

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Imagine your principal tackling your teachers in a sumo wrestling suit. That actually happened at one Rockford school.

Froberg Elementary School Principal Christina Ulferts sumo wrestled three teachers as a reward to students. 

The school was challenged to read 1.4 million minutes this school year. The incentive if they did it was a sumo wrestling match. Ulferts says she has this challenge every year. The reward is always different, but the importance of the reading challenge stays the same.

"I believe reading is important and I think this is going to help them excel and you know what, it's all about college and career readiness. We're trying to create life-long learners. You don't just read for school. You read because you want to read. Because you're passionate about it. You want to learn about something," said Ulferts

Next year Ulferts says she'll challenge the students to read for 1.5 million minutes. No word yet on what their reward will be.

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