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Restaurant destroyed by tornado looks to rebuild with the help of the community


It's been nearly two months since the restaurant Grubsteakers was in business. The April 9th tornadoes destroyed the building, forcing the restaurant to shut down.

Melissa Jaime a waitress at Grubsteakers was working the night the tornado swept through the DeKalb and Ogle counties. The tornado took away her car and her job.

"I've gotten a new car since," Jaime said. "And I've got two jobs now to make up for the one."

Jaime served six years at Grubsteakers. The restaurant stood tall near the intersection of Highways 251 and 64. The tornado tore it to pieces, but the owner Ava Mirtoska says Grubsteakers will be back.

"I can't wait to get that building back because Grubsteakers restaurant was not just a restaurant it was like a [piece] history for a lot of people," said Mirtoska.

Mirtoska plans to rebuild Grubsteakers at the same location, but she says she's running into some road blocks. While insurance will cover the cost for the building it won't help her replace furnishing or equipment.

So the community has stepped up. Hundreds of people are showing their support by making donations so that Mirtoska can rebuild her piece of history.

"The place has been there for 100 years and because tornado wiped it off I'm not going to stop that history right there, it is going to keep going," said Mirtoska.

Mirtoska says she hopes Grubsteakers will be back in business by early 2016. If you would like to donate to the restaurant chick here.

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