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Janesville cop receives praise for life saving efforts

Sgt. Josh Norem Sgt. Josh Norem

On May 2, Sgt. Josh Norem heard a call dispatched for a pulseless non-breather in the 400 block of Applewood. Sgt. Norem was the first officer on the scene, and identified that the man had suffered a heart attack. The man's son had been unable to move him to start lifesaving efforts.

Sgt. Norem quickly moved the man on the floor and began CCR compressions. Janesville Fire Dept. paramedics arrived shortly afterwards to transport the man to the hospital. Sgt. Norem's quick actions were instrumental in saving the man's life, as the hospital was later able to stabilize him.

On Friday, Sgt. Norem received a Chief's Commendation by Deputy Chief Holford for his actions that day. Officers say Sgt. Norem's actions were exemplary, and emblematic of the nobility of police service.

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