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Violent weekend in Rockford leads to lawmakers filing for a new state task force


Area lawmakers are taking action after a violent weekend in Rockford.

"The violence that is going on in our community is unacceptable," said state Rep. John Cabello, 68th District.

Over the weekend in Rockford, nearly a dozen people were shot and two of them are dead. Violent activity has one lawmaker saying she wants to better understand the cause of crime.

"I am proposing something that is specifically for Rockford to uncover what are those factors, what are the root causes for some of the violence we are seeing," said 67th District State Rep. Litesa Wallace.

She says she's filed a resolution to create a State Task Force.

"We want to uncover what creates a perfect environment for all the violence that we see," Wallace said.

The goal of that group is to give Rockford answers on what's causing violent activity and what the long-term solution is. From there, the task force would offer a plan of action and if necessary try to put it in to law. Cabello says there's an obvious starting point for the task force to explore.

"We need to start looking at the early childhood education," Cabello said. "We need to start there and continue that. If we don't give our children the opportunity helping them salvage later on these are the problems we are going to continue to see."

Wallace says the task force will be made up of people from all walks of life.

"This isn't something that we are going to be able to fix overnight," Cabello said. "It is something that we need to make sure we work on as a community together."

Wallace says the task force could be formed within the next two months. She plans to report on any progress made by the group in January 2017.

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