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Maximum Potential helps Rockford athletes reach new heights

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Gene Houston's Maximum Potential program started in 2000 as a service for Rockford athletes to improve their talents and skills in their sport of choice. 15 years later, it has blossomed into an important developmental tool for the city's athletic community. Hours of work in the gym are producing results on the court - multiple NIC-10 athletes have secured scholarships to play collegiate sports, including Auburn's Laytwan Porter and Antoine Pittman, Hononegah's Emily Gorsch and Haley Kershner, and many others.

Houston says his program goes beyond ability. "They might have that talent but not the skill, and that's the part that's missing is the skill development. We win in our area, but we see when we leave, we end up getting stopped by other teams and it takes that foundation, and it takes more than just one trainer or one coach, it has to be a family and that's what Maximum Potential is all about."

For the full story, including the opportunity to see the 13 Sports Authority's Derek Bayne and Dan Cohen take part in a training session, click on the above video.

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