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Rep. Wallace says 'Turnaround Agenda' wrong for Rockford


Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to fix what ails Illinois. While Rockford's City Council approved the governor's "Turnaround Agenda" last month, some local officials aren't so sure it's the right thing to do.

State Rep. Litesa Wallace joined four Rockford aldermen and one Winnebago County Board member in writing an open letter to the public saying Rauner's plan would hurt middle-class families, both locally and in the state.

She cites a study done by Frank Manzo of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute and Bob Bruno from the University of Illinois. According to Wallace, the study says the Rockford-area's economy would see a loss in worker income by close to $56 million, and a loss in state revenue by $3.4 million if the "Turnaround Agenda" were to become law. She also says the study looked at states that have similar laws, and found workers' incomes are two to six percent lower.

Wallace adds that more needs to be done to close corporate tax loopholes and make state millionaires pay higher taxes.

Rockford's City Council approved the measure 8-5 back on April 20. The Winnebago County Board approved it April 9. Three of the aldermen who voted no and one former alderman joined Wallace on the letter: 8th Ward's Jeanne Oddo, 11th Ward's Karen Elyea, 13th Ward's Linda McNeely and former 6th Ward Alderman Marcus Hill. Joe Hoffman of the Winnebago County Board is the only member to pen his name to the letter.

Wallace hopes to speak to both local and state officials to come to a proper compromise to help protect middle class families here in Illinois.

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