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Protestors hold a peace rally in downtown Rockford

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Curfew has been lifted in the City of Baltimore since riots and protests broke out in the wake of Freddie Gray's death two weeks ago.

While it is calm enough to lift curfew, protesters there and across the nation say their voices won't be silenced. Peace rallies were held this weekend, including one in Rockford.

"We are doing this to educate people," said Rockford Peace Rally organizer Christopher Rodriguez. "To show people that there is a problem, it needs to be acknowledged and there are things we can do about it."

Protesters marched the streets of Rockford aiming to stand in solidarity with Baltimore. A group of nearly 60 people walked from Davis Park chanting stuff like, "All night, all day we will fight for Freddie Gray" all the way to the Public Safety Building. Officers observed from a distance, but allowed the crowd to express their rights.

"This isn't about spreading a message about hating the police," said Rockford Peace Rally organizer Blaque Roebuck. "There are people that are suffering at the hands of the people that are suppose to protect us and we are not okay with that. If it came down to us sitting down with local city officials, local law enforcement we would totally be open to that."

13 News reached out to Rockford police for a comment on this weekend's rally. Assistant Deputy Chief Pat Hoey says the department supports the public's right to protest and to voice their opinions.

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