Village of Roscoe could give control of tornado siren to Winneba - – Rockford’s News Leader

Village of Roscoe could give control of tornado siren to Winnebago County


When the tornadoes swept through the stateline on April 9th, Winnebago County activated its sirens, but the Village of Roscoe did not. Which brought confusion amongst Roscoe residents.

"Usually when you hear one and not the other, a lot of people start asking questions like why is one going off and not the other?" said Harlem Roscoe Fire Chief Don Shoevlin.

Roscoe has one siren which is located in downtown. Winnebago County controls several across the county, but the county's network of sirens doesn't connect to Roscoe's.

Which means the Harlem Roscoe Fire Department has to be notified by the county before sounding the alarm.

"There are times when we might not be notified that the county is going off," said Shoevlin. "So the Village of Roscoe's isn't going off, but the county is, which creates a lot of questions through the citizens of the county as well as the Village of Roscoe ."

The problem is that Roscoe's siren is older than the county's. Which is why Chief Shoevlin is pushing to get it up to par with the county's.

"I think it is in the best interest and I don't like speaking on the behalf of the village of Roscoe, but I know for a fact they are looking for what's in the best interest and safety of the residents," Shoevlin adds.

Village trustees still have to approve the measure, right now they're still gathering information on how to connect the two systems.

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