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Teacher of the Week: Mr. Reid Jutras

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A teacher being called the ideal role model by those who learn from him.

Reid Jutras teaches high school psychology, but his students believe that's not all he teaches them.

Mr. Jutras teaches psychology at Guilford. He was nominated by a student who became his first teachers assistant this year.

"It's a chance for students that specifically want to go into the field of the class they're taking, or want to be a teacher, that they can get a little hands on experience, seeing how kind of the background process works," he says.

He says helping her with her future goals and having her as a second hand allows him to focus on his main goal, teaching.

"She thinks for me and hands me things," he says. "They help pass out papers and distribute things. I mean, it's a lot of light work, but it gives them a chance to see what this side looks like."

What his side looks like, he says, is reading up on current events and being aware of world issues. He says he does this to take the students away from the classroom and help them mature at a young age.

Some of his students he says already have.

"She is probably one of the best critical thinkers I've had," he says. "She really brings a lot of adult thought to the game. She has the drive of an adult and to watch that in someone her age is just absolutely astounding. It's amazing."\

For him, he says by impacting one student, he knows he is touching the lives of all of them.

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