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OSHA cites Rochelle's Nippon Sharyo plant with 2 new complaints

ROCHELLE (WREX) - The Nippon Sharyo plant in Rochelle faces two new complaints by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

The latest one stems from a Feb. 6 safety complaint. A representative from the Chicago division of OSHA could not specify what the latest complaint refers to, but says it is still an open investigation.

The other complaint comes from an employee who had some part of his body amputated Jan. 20. No details were given as to how it happened, or exactly what was amputated. OSHA closed that investigation on Jan. 29, but has not released whether any code was violated in the incident.

Nippon Sharyo was the subject of 11 different complaints last October. The most serious one was the use of welding screens, where some welders accused the company of not giving enough protection to them while working. That has since been rectified. There were 10 other citations given: six for serious incidents, like falling off scaffolding; and four for non-serious incidents. OSHA is still investigating the lesser incidents to see if those are on the decline.

Nippon Sharyo says it is cooperating with the investigation. 

The company responded to 13 News in a written statement, saying, "We continue to work hard to provide the necessary tools, knowledge and resources for our workforce to be successful and work in a safe and productive environment. In addition, we encourage our employees to report any concerns or issues immediately so items can be addressed proactively , as safety is our No. 1 priority at Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing, LLC."

They went onto say:

 "In response to the recent news article the following are the facts: The February 6, 2015 complaint continues to be under investigation with no immediate corrective action or abatement required. Upon closing of this investigation we will continue to cooperate and correct whatever needs to be addressed to be 100% compliant with the intention of the OSHA regulation."

"The January 20, 2015 amputation claim (which was not an amputation) was fully investigated as required by the new OSHA regulations that took effect in January as an employee developed a secondary illness from a work related injury. The investigation was closed successfully with no violations and we are pleased to report that the employee has made a full recovery."

Nippon Sharyo was subject to 18 different complaints last October, which resulted in a few citations. All citations have been or are being closed successfully with full cooperation between the Company, OSHA and employees. 

The company recently celebrated the making of its 1,000th rail car at the Rochelle facility, received several state tax breaks to locate and expand in Illinois. 

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