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Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Erbe and Mrs. Sundberg

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Teachers are touching the lives of their students every day they are in the classroom, and some students say they want to acknowledge them for the hard work that they do.

Many elementary students only have one teacher per day, but some have more to give them individualized attention. That's why a special student named Gracie from Meehan Elementary School in Belvidere wanted to honor both of her teachers.

Gracie's a fourth grader and says she has the best teachers she's ever had.

"My teachers are nice and loving," Gracie Lebensorger says.

She's talking about Mrs. Tomye Erbe and Mrs. Marybeth Sundberg. They work as a team to ensure Gracie and other students get the most out of their education.

"We share lesson plans and communicate what we're learning and areas that I think the kids need some extra practice and focus," Mrs. Erbe says. "Then, when they see her, that's what she gives, and so when they come back to the classroom we just kind of use both teachers to move the kids forward."

Mrs. Sundberg says that open communication is key for their daily routine.

"Her and I just work together to meet the students needs the best we can by keeping lines of communication open," Mrs. Sundberg says. "We talk on a daily basis of upcoming tests, upcoming assignments, what the students need."

As for Gracie? Mrs. Sundberg says she's been soaring through her work and shows improvement every day.

"They've been doing a lot of making up their own questions lately, and Gracie has like been really working on higher level questioning and just been phenomenal."

Gracie says it's all thanks to her teachers, because they're so nice!

"(They) help me learn better," she says.

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