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Prom for students with specials needs brings in around 200 guests

Hundreds of students put on their best dancing shoes for the 9th Annual A Night to Remember. It's a prom for students with special needs held at Heartland Community Church.

This years prom was even more exciting for 18-year-old Carter Fridley because this year he had a date.

"I'm excited," said Carter as he received his boutonniere.

Fridley is a student at North Boone High School but has attended A Night to Remember in years past. Organizers say they had nearly 200 guests register and around 300 Delta high school student volunteers.

"It's one of our favorite events here at Heartland Community Church," said Nathan Branam, Director at Delta at Heartland. "It's truly a taste of heaven."

Carter and his date Emily enjoyed many of the night's activities including a limo ride, a walk down the red carpet and of course, dancing.

"Carter loves to dance," said Emily. Carter was quick to reply with, "Yeah, I do."

Parents were also in attendance at the Friday night prom. Carter's dad, Chris Fridley was able to stand off to the side of the dance floor and watch his son have the time of his life.

"It means that he's allowed to have the experience that the regular kids are allowed to have and this night is all about them," said Chris.

The event only lasted for a few hours, but it was a night the students will never forget.

"It's been amazing, I love it," said Emily. "I have the most handsome date here and it truly has been a night to remember."

Carter then replied, "I like Emily," he said.

The event was sponsored by Delta, the church's high school and college ministry.

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