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Chicago Bears visit Fairdale to help with tornado relief efforts

Clem Schultz's diploma is one of the few things that remains from his Fairdale home. 

And his home was not all that he lost.

"Hang your feet down, and climb out over here, but don't look down. I said why don't look down. He said, because your wife, Geri, is right underneath this beam, dead," says Fairdale resident Clem Schultz.

Over two weeks after the tornado wiped out Fairdale, Schultz, his family and hundreds of volunteers are still hard at work removing the rubble. 

Today, they got reinforcements. 

Chicago Bears players Will Sutton and Blake Annen shed their cleats and donned boots as they helped in the clean up efforts. For them, the experience was eye-opening.

"To be able to reach out to people in the community, to people who need help, whether it was picking up pieces of wood, or just being able to take pictures, maybe sign a few autographs and just meet a few people and hear their stories," says Chicago Bears player Blake Annen.

The team announced yesterday that they will donate $100,000 to the United Way of Rock River Valley to support tornado relief.

"The only news that comes close to being as good would be if they told me they were going to beat the Packers twice this year," says United Way of Rock River Valley President Paul Logli.

While that will still wait to be seen, the amount of support that has come to Fairdale has overwhelmed Schultz.

"Fabulous, unbelievable. I can't imagine anymore help that could possibly be available," Schultz says.

Schultz says he would like to rebuild but he knows to bring back his home and his town will take time.

The United Way says all of the money received by the Bears will go to recovery efforts.
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