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9-year-old South Beloit girl raises money to help tornado victims


The April 9th tornado took almost everything from families in the Rochelle and Fairdale areas.

Once 9-year-old Melanie Weber of South Beloit heard what happened, she was devastated.

"We went down there to volunteer, but they already had enough so I didn't get too and I wanted to do something," Melanie said. "So I started a fundraiser."

Melanie's started the fundraiser called Coins for Fairdale and Rochelle. She dug up whatever change she had so she could start raising funds for tornado victims.

"They need the money so they can get their things back and so they can live in a home," Melanie said.

The 9-year-old started drawing up posters, flyers, and even made coin jars. She then went to local businesses who then put the jars on display. Parents Jami and Zach Weber say the fundraiser was all Melanie's idea.

"This is what she came up with all by herself to, you know, do something to help the tornado victims," said Melanie's father Zach.

On Wednesday, Melanie will collect the funds raised, then donate it to the Rochelle Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund.

"I think they'll feel happy that they can get their home back," said Melanie. "Everything she does is always for someone else, not for herself," her dad adds.

Once Melanie is out of school, she plans to go back down to the affected areas and volunteer.

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