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Family and friends remember tornado victim Geri Schultz


Friends and family members gather this weekend to honor their friend who fell victim to last week's tornado. Geri Schultz funeral service brought together the community of Fairdale as they laid to rest a member of their family. She could be described as a wonderful friend, a mother figure and a supportive grandmother.

"No matter what was thrown my way in the military of trying to join, she helped support me and get through it," said Geri's grandson Tyler Rowan.

Rowan lived with his grandparents Geri and Clem Schultz. He wasn't at their Fairdale home when a tornado ripped through the town but his grandparents were.

"I called my grandma and I kept getting her voicemail, so I kept leaving her voicemail's for her to call me," said Rowan.

The 20-year-old military officer was in Belvidere that evening and tried to race home once he heard that Fairdale was gone. When he was able to make it back, he saw his grandpa with the sheriff but his grandmother was nowhere to be found.

"I asked him, where is grandma and he said she's still in the house," Rowan said. "So I grabbed my uncle and we went looking for her and we found her, but unfortunately she didn't make it."

But memories of Geri won't be forgotten. Friends and families spent the weekend remembering their loved one with stories and pictures. One thing that the community of Fairdale said they'll miss the most about Geri, is one of her famous dishes.

"I really miss her spaghetti honestly," Rowan said. "That was by far the best."

The other victim Jaclyn Klosa will be buried in Arlington, VA. She was Geri Schultz neighbor and her best friend.

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