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Police release chilling 911 calls made to emergency responders during last weeks deadly tornado

FAIRDALE, Ill. (WREX) - 13 News obtained 911 calls Fairdale residents made to emergency responders last Thursday. Here are a couple of those conversations:

911 Operator: "911 what's is your emergency?"
Caller: "Fairdale has been leveled by a tornado. Please help us out here."
911 Operator: "OK we have emergency personnel on the way. Do you have any injuries?"
Caller: "We need help out here."
911 Operator: "Do you have any injuries... Hello?"
**Dial tone**

911 Operator: "911 where is your emergency?"
Caller: "A tornado, in Fairdale I need your help."
911 Operator: "Sir we have personnel on their way right now. We are getting resources there as soon as we can. Where are you now?"
Caller: "I'm kind of trapped on my deck but I want to help my neighbors. I won't leave until you stop talking to me but I do want to help my neighbors. There's so many older people, oh my freaking God."
911 Operator: "Their houses are collapsed too?"
Caller (shouts): "Are you OK?"
911 Operator: "OK what's going on? Let me know what's going on?"
Caller: "I'm fine I'm fine, the houses... all the roofs are gone, there's very little left. The girl with me is OK... It's bad, it's bad."
911 Operator: "Are you trapped sir?"
Caller: "No I'm not, I'm ready to go help other people."
911 Operator: "I thought you said you were trapped on your deck?"
Caller: "Well kind of, without having to climb over a mound of unbelievable piles of debris."
911 Operator: "Let me know when you are no longer trapped on your deck OK?"
Caller: "I need, I need to go help neighbors."
911 Operator: "OK let me know when you are no longer trapped."
Caller: "I'm not trapped, I'm standing on my deck. I want to go help neighbors."

The Dekalb County Sheriff's Office released nearly five and a half hours of recordings made to emergency responders. The town still remains closed to the public as crews, residents and volunteers have been working to rebuild the area.

Volunteers are still needed. You can register from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Farm Services building located at 5607 Route 72 in Kirkland.

Monetary donations are still being accepted. You can visit the Village of Kirkland's website http://villageofkirkland.com/ for more information.
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