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Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Richardson

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Teachers say that you have to switch things up in the classroom to keep the kids thinking. And that's exactly what Erin Richardson tries to do every day with her students.

Mrs. Richardson of Lena-Winslow Elementary School wants her third graders to have fun when they come to school.

"I really try and make it engaging and get the kids involved," Mrs. Richardson says. "I think that's so important, for the kids to have ownership and for them to feel a part of the classroom and to feel like they're a part of their own education."

She was nominated for Teacher of the Week by Mikaela Nieman, a student who is having her first year at Lena-Winslow. She says she feels comfortable in Mrs. Richardson's class because of the fun activities they do.

"We'll play scrabble sometimes, and sometimes we'll have free time outside," Mikaela says.

"Of course, the more they can move around, the more they can be up, that gets them excited, and the more I'm excited, then the kids are going to be excited about it too," Mrs. Richardson says.

She says one big thing for them, is when they get to do science experiments outside.

"Right now we're working on matter in science and so they're really interested in the different experiments and things that we're doing," she says.

Things like the energy cars or squirrels make when they're moving around.

Or even making graphs by running around the school to do a survey.

"It's a lot of fun," she says. "And so if they can get their hands in on any of that rather than just having to listen to something, then that really excites them."

Hoping to teach them that learning can be fun!

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