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Broken eyeglasses, missing IDs; Fairdale residents get help with basics

Donna Marsten with her family. Donna Marsten with her family.
FAIRDALE, Ill. (WREX) - Fairdale residents do not just have to rebuild homes, but also their lives. So many have lost driver's licenses, medication and other every day items. A resource center has opened to help them get some of those important documents back. 

As the town of Fairdale works on the rebuilding. Donna Marston can't help but remember what her family lived through on Thursday night. Donna, her grand-daughter and two great-grandchildren were all huddled in the bathroom as the tornado hit. 

"I'm holding the door. She's got the two kids in the bathtub and the door popped open and I see my kitchen come flying through. I got the door shut again and right as the door is closing, the living room windows come through. And I'm holding the door and trying to stay calm for my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren," Marston says. 

She is still trying to take care of her family. Now, she is trying to find some basic necessities. 

The base of operations for the victims has shifted away from the Kirkland Fire Department to the First Lutheran Church. Residents are getting things like documents, driver's licenses, birth certificates, plus learning where they can rent and how to get food. Donna says she's lucky she has her important documents. 

"I don't know why I took my purse into the bathroom. I have no idea. I just know I did," Marsten says. 

But she has a broken pair of glasses, missing medication and no idea where her family of five will live long-term. Right now they are divided between relatives. 

"I just want to find a place together because they are good together," says Karen Chambers who is Marsten's daughter. 

The resource center opens again Thursday from 8 a.m. until noon.

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